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Our Mission


Gifted and ambitious young men and women who are embracing their abilities to overcome their disabilities.

Nuba Arts supports the skills of unique artisans, by showcasing them to the world's marketplace.


One of the best ways to facilitate successful community integration taking advantage of real-life skills.

Nuba Arts is determined to invest in unique skills through fair trade practices.


Invest in the abilities of persons with disabilities and renew the focus on the inclusion of all people.

Nuba Arts is dedicated to provide new opportunities for all.

No Waste

Waste-free designs should be embedded into more aspects of our daily life. 

Nuba Arts designs are made from both Recycled and upcycled materials


The Collection


Our Vision

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Leave-No-One Behind

For thousands of years, Egyptian culture has been rooted in handicrafts. The power of determination and will are inherited by artisans with special needs.

We work hard to Empower, Support, and Enable Artisans with Special Needs, by selling their products in the Global market.

Our journey along the Nile will take you through the land of Gold Skills who challenged special needs.

With our vision we seek to reveal the true blend of gold through recycled and upcycled Masterpieces that achieve ecological and social sustainability through fair trade practices.

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